Improving Operations, Customer Satisfaction Key Utility Objectives
SNC RESTORE-LITE temporary power restoration and CBT Stray Voltage control provide utilities with the tools needed to favorably impact both operations and customer satisfaction.

When Mother Nature Packs A Punch, Utilities Now Have A New Weapon To Fight Back
In emergency situations, utilities can get the lights back on quickly and safely with SNC’s RESTORE-LITE™ temporary power restoration system.

Provides Same Day Temporary Power Restoration
For Homes or Businesses



In the aftermath of a devastating storm or other emergency situations, utilities can rely on SNC’s RESTORE-LITE™ to quickly restore temporary power to factories, businesses or homes that have experienced an outage due to a single faulted conductor or open neutral.

By connecting the RESTORE-LITE™ system between the customer’s meter socket and their meter, a single troubleman or cable tech can restore power within minutes without requiring a field crew to locate and repair the cable fault or running temporary above ground cabling.

During non-critical power outage situations, RESTORE-LITE™ allows utilities to conduct routine scheduling of permanent repairs during daylight hours at a time that is convenient to the customer instead of having to make immediate repairs.

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  • Available in 10 KVA, 15 KVA, 20 KVA models
  • For use on overhead and underground systems
  • Compact, lowest weight unit on market offers superior maneuverability and easy deployment
  • External circuit breaker is gasket covered and lockable and can be accessed and reset without contacting the transformer
  • Ruggedly designed unit is vented for heat expansion and features stainless and aluminum components and full gasket weather protection
  • Unit can be adapted to meet specific requirements including custom color cases for fleet use and a changeable receptacle that comes in a convenient storage/carry bag.


10 KVA Restore-Lite™

Circuit Breaker: 80 Amp
Meter Head: some models
Width: 15.75” – 40 cm
Height: 21.65” – 55 cm
Depth: 9.125” – 23.3 cm
Weight: 70 lbs – 31.75 kg

15 KVA Restore-Lite™

Circuit Breaker: 125 Amp
Meter Head: some models
Width: 15.75” – 40 cm
Height: 21.65” – 55 cm
Depth: 9.125” – 23.3 cm
Weight: 78 lbs - 31.75 kg

20 KVA Restore-Lite™

Circuit Breaker: 160 Amp
Meter Head: some models
Width:  20.5" - 52cm
Height: 30.5" - 77.5 cm
Depth:  16" - 40.6 cm
Weight: 126 lbs - 57.15 kg