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Improve operations with Utility Pro Products

Utilities that have high customer satisfaction also enjoy higher revenue with the ability to improve services. So, how can SNC Manufacturing help you achieve greater customer satisfaction? Our utility products help you meet your key objective to provide high-quality, reliable electric power to your customers, even during an outage.

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    SNC’s RESTORE-PAK® is the smallest unit on the market weighing less than 50 pounds, making it easy for a single person to deploy and it fits into the back of a truck. Parts can be ordered together or separately. Like our industry-leading RESTORE-LITE® temporary power restoration system, this compact mobile transformer unit contains a single-phase,...

    Personal Grounds Tester

    SNC’s Personal Grounds Tester is designed to make your job easier. While it quickly and reliably helps you test the quality of ground wires, our Personal Grounds Tester also comes in a sturdy case and weighs less than 50 pounds. You can also calibrate it yourself, so you never have to send it in and experience downtime.

    Bypass Plug

    CT plug

    In units that require a CT (Control Transformer) protection, the Bypass Plug is to be used in a pedestal application to ensure continued operation. To be used in the absence of a CT (P80084) or Rogowski Coil (P80141), depending on unit compatibility. This is a Universal Protection Bypass Plug. It is compatible with units that...

    Rogowski Coil

    Rogowski coil

    The Rogowski Coil is designed to monitor surge current over the neutral conductor during RESTORE–LITE® usage. In the event of a sustained 5 second in–rush occurrence of 10 amps or more, the device is intended to shut the main breaker of the RESTORE–LITE® unit. P80141 is compatible with P80079, P80079E, P80100, P80115, P80131 and P80136 Units.


    Restore-Lite unit

    When a power outage occurs, leaving customers without electricity, a single technician can restore power in a timely manner with SNC’s temporary power restoration device, RESTORE-LITE®. Small and lightweight, RESTORE-LITE® restores meterable power to a single home or business within minutes, allowing a cable technician or lineperson to schedule permanent repairs at a more convenient...

    Clamp-on Ground Resistance Tester

    Product features

    • Auto-ranging ground resistance measurements from 0.01Øhm to 1000Øhm with 0.01Øhm resolution
    • AC leakage current range of 10mA to 30.00A with 50μA resolution
    • 1.25" (31.75mm) maximum conductor O.D.
    • Configurable alarm value for resistance and current to support your measurement
    • Ergonomic mold with complete slip-proof rubber coating

    Phase Rotation Tester

    Phase Rotation Detector unit

    Product features

    • 3-phase rotation tester: normal phase, reverse phase and phase deficiency
    • Functionality options include detection of live wires, simple power, fire-wire, breakpoint location, DC line break and line maintenance
    • Dynamic LED display
    • Magnetic base plate footings allow temporary mounting to metal surfaces
    • Power-saving performance with maximum rated power of 100mVA

    Insulation Resistance Tester

    front view of isolation resistance tester

    Product features

    • A high precision tester that is reliable and easy to operate
    • Anti-vibration rubber sleeve protects against dirt and moisture for use in outdoor applications
    • Low-power CMOS dual-integration A/D conversion IC, auto-zero, auto-polarity display, and over range indication
    • Short circuit output current 1mA
    • AC voltage test function
    • Magnets for hands-free use

    SNIX Single Noise Interference Xterminator

    A broadly tuned, single pair coil and drainage unit, SNC’s Single Noise Interference Xterminator (SNIX), is a specially designed UL-listed filter for single-circuit applications to help suppress common telco noise interference issues and other problems.

    Noise Chokes – Common Mode Transformers

    Our noise chokes suppress signaling problems and equipment malfunctions stemming from noise in communication systems. Noise chokes improve circuit imbalance and suppress currents acting on sensitive equipment.

    Standard Induction Neutralizing Transformers

    An induction neutralizing transformer (INT) or digital induction neutralizing transformer (DINT) is utilized to mitigate induced A/C voltages, currents or harmonics that may be causing noise or equipment malfunctions or damages. It is a simple, passive device that splices in series with analog, digital or xDSL lines. SNC’s induction neutralizing transformers provide an effective and...

    Digital Induction Neutralizing Transformers

    Digital Induction Neutralizing Transformers, or DINTs, are similar to standard INTs, except they have a double-wound core to lower decibel loss. They have two separate groups of pairs, one for each transmission direction. The pairs are separated by an electrostatic shield to minimize crosstalk coupling. SNC’s induction neutralizing transformers provide an effective and economical solution...

    Glitch Tamer®

    The Glitch Tamer® is designed to control A/C voltage that is causing lost productivity and faulty operation of customer key systems and PBXs. Installing this on the customer side of the network interface, it controls low-level voltages that are causing problems.

    TEN – Transformer Exciting Network

    The TEN is a drainage reactor, specially designed for either 50 Hz or 60 Hz. It is easily bridged across one working circuit, providing a low impedance path-to-ground for longitudinal power line-induced interfering current to flow.

    Harmonic Suppression Reactor

    This product shifts the neutral grounded power line capacitor bank’s resonant frequency and reduces its noise interfering effects.


    The DSL-T1 Induction Neutralizing Transformer works like a standard INT. It has a Category 6 cable to maintain the integrity of signals for digital circuits. DSL-T1 INTs are available for 8, 12, 25, 50 and 100 pair systems.

    RESTORE-LITE® Parts and Accessories

    RESTORE-LITE® Parts and Accessories

    Browse our variety of kits and replacement parts for your RESTORE-LITE® temporary power restoration system. View the RESTORE-LITE® parts and accessories data sheet.



    If you are troubleshooting customer complaints about noise or electrical interferences on copper data transmission wires, our QUIET-TEL® solution may be for you. SNC Manufacturing is the industry leader and primary provider of single and multi-pair noise solutions. QUIET-TEL® controls A/C-induced voltages and harmonics on copper ICT lines, as well as other sources of electrical interference, including 60-cycle hum, DSL noise, pixilation, tiling and more. This communication product also solves issues with slow data transmission over a modem.

    Whether you are looking to boost customer satisfaction with RESTORE-LITE® temporary power restoration or need our Current Balancing Transformer to mitigate stray voltage, you can put your trust in SNC Manufacturing. We’ve been an industry leader for more than 75 years.
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