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RESTORE-LITE® Parts and Accessories

Browse our variety of kits and replacement parts for your RESTORE-LITE® temporary power restoration system. View the RESTORE-LITE® parts and accessories data sheet.

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    300 Amp Meter Head Assembly

    300-amp meter head assembly with RESTORE-LITE® cord set and lever bypass adapter.

    When you need to temporarily restore power in minutes, the components in the 300-amp meter head assembly connect the unit to a 320-amp meter box. The assembly consists of the RESTORE-LITE® cord set.  

    300 Amp Cord Set Options


    SNC’s 300-amp connectors provide versatility. Use the connectors on a pedestal, join two together on a larger home, join the RESTORE-LITE® unit to the power terminal and neutral and more. All cords work with 300-amp connections for a variety of applications. Easily get the connection you need with three options for the cord end—ferrules, crimped...

    Lever Bypass Adapter

    lever bypass adapter is designed to connect the RESTORE-LITE® meter head cord.

    When you need to temporarily restore power in minutes, our lever bypass adapter is designed to connect the RESTORE-LITE® meter head cord set to a 320-amp meter box.

    Control Transformer (CT) Protection Kit – Generation 3

    CT cord set that monitors surge current over the ground conductor.

    When temporarily restoring power with RESTORE-LITE®, the control transformer (CT) cord set monitors surge current over the ground conductor. In the event of a sustained 10-second in-rush of 10 amps or more, the device shuts the main breaker of the RESTORE-LITE® unit.

    Locking Kit, 150 and 300-Amp Connectors

    Restore Lite Locking Kit 300-AMP connectors

    Keep your RESTORE-LITE® unit secure while in use with our locking kit, which securely fastens twist lock connectors and the breaker switch to eliminate tampering.

    RESTORE-LITE® Hitch Carrier

    Restore-Lite-hitch-carrier kit disassembled.

    With a receiver hitch carrier, a single operator can easily transport any RESTORE-LITE® unit without the need for heavy lifting—up to 115 pounds. The hitch carrier provides safe, convenient maneuverability, is adjustable for varying heights and mates with any 2-inch receiver hitch. Assembly is simple with only five components.

    Lifting Kit

    Lift kit with removable and ergonomic handles.

    Lifting your RESTORE-LITE® unit is easy and convenient with our lifting kit. This ergonomic handle system assists multiple operators and attaches in seconds, so you can safely get to the job site faster.

    Duffle Bag Replacement

    new black duffle bag

    Transport and protect your RESTORE-LITE® cord sets in our sturdy duffle bag. If your existing bag is damaged or showing signs of wear and tear, we offer replacement bags.