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Custom Transformers

Whether you need a specific voltage or size to fit inside an enclosure, we engineer and manufacture custom electrical transformers to fit any need. From concepts and prototypes to full production, our engineering and sales teams can design a custom transformer for any application.

Industrial Control Transformers

SNC’s step-up and step-down transformers are dual frequency rated for 50/60 Hz and manufactured in a variety of configurations that range from 115 to 600 primary volts and from 23 to 240 secondary volts.

Custom transformer solutions to increase ROI

A Florida-based supplier wanted to provide a smaller, more efficient three-phase transformer that would be less expensive to ship. SNC was charged with engineering a custom solution that out-performed the existing transformer in both function and form.

After an on-site analysis of the customer’s current military transformer, our team successfully designed and produced a high-quality, defect-free custom transformer.

SNC can alter its manufacturing processes to accommodate for custom transformer winding.

Electrical Utility Products and Accessories

RESTORE-LITE® Temporary Power Restoration Device

As the lightest temporary power restoration device on the market, our portable RESTORE-LITE® unit provides maximum convenience, ease and flexibility to the lineperson or technician working to instantly restore meter power.

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QUIET-TEL® Noise Mitigation Equipment

QUIET-TEL® products control A/C-induced voltages and harmonics on copper ICT lines, as well as other sources of electrical interference, including 60-cycle hum, DSL noise, pixilation, tiling and more.

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Lyte Lynx® Voltage Protection Equipment

Designed to provide personal safety, protect equipment and deliver reliable service Lyte Lynx® communication products protect ICT circuits entering electric power generation stations and substations.

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Careers at SNC

Transform a job into a career at SNC Manufacturing. Join our family and enjoy competitive benefits and pay.

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ISO 9001

Our quality management system conforms to ISO 9001. These standards help ensure we consistently provide quality products.

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