Custom Transformers

Built to spec voltages and sizes

When you need a custom transformer built for your individual applications and specific industry, electrical transformer manufacturer SNC Manufacturing, Inc., works with you—from concepts to prototypes to full production.

Whether you need a specific voltage or size to fit inside an enclosure, we can engineer and manufacture a custom electrical transformer built to your specs. If you’re unsure what configurations will meet your requirements, our knowledgeable team will work with you to ensure your project is successful.

Your custom transformer will be delivered on-time. We can handle small orders of three to five transformers as well as large production orders, defect-free.

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Often used in step-up or step-down applications, our custom autotransformers contain only one winding with a portion of the coil serving as both the primary and secondary winding. Available in three-phase and single-phase models, our autotransformers are typically used in low-voltage situations, 600 volts or less.

Single-Phase Transformers

Our single-phase custom transformers can be used to raise or lower the voltage from one side of a transformer to another. The number of windings on the primary and secondary sides determine the voltage change.

Three-Phase Transformers

Our three-phase custom transformers are constructed by winding three single-phase transformers on a single three-legged core. They have three coils sequentially connected to match the incoming power and transform the voltage from the power company to the level you need.

Isolation Transformers

Available in three-phase and single-phase models, our isolation custom transformers feature symmetrical, insulated primary and secondary windings that are physically separated from each other. This allows an AC signal to be taken from one device and fed into the other without having the two circuits electrically connected.

High-Voltage Transformers

Handling anywhere from 500 volts to 6,000 volts, our high-voltage custom transformers are designed for metering and protection in high-voltage circuits where safety is an issue. A non-combustible, highly refined silicon or mineral oil protects it from overheating. We also protect against heat, humidity, dust and airborne pollutants by vacuum impregnating varnish or epoxy resin.

Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal custom transformers are designed to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another by changing the voltage. A toroidal transformer is perfect when you need several design configurations to choose from and reduced off-load power consumption. These small, lightweight transformers produce very little noise.

Ferroresonant Transformers

Our ferroresonant custom transformers are manufactured to produce a single regulated output for a variety of primary inputs within a specified range. They can be used with either single-phase or three-phase power, depending on the design.

Featuring a quasi-square wave output, they can be adjusted for both line and load regulation often used with rectifiers, voltage regulators and power supplies.

Available in both open frame and molded construction, these transformers allow for a variety of termination types depending on application.

Inductors, Chokes, Reactors and Coils

Inductors, chokes, reactors and coils are magnetic devices primarily designed to reduce line voltage without incurring a significant loss of power.

We offer these custom electrical transformers in a wide range of materials, shapes, sizes and mounting options to meet a variety of industry requirements. We also offer molding and casting options.

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