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Multi-function Insulation Resistance Tester

When you need a high precision tester that’s reliable and easy to operate, SNC’s insulation resistance tester gets the job done. Simple and noise-free, our insulation testers help you quickly troubleshoot and maintain applications.

From cables to generators and more, SNC’s insulation resistance test equipment is safe and trustworthy. With an anti-vibration rubber sleeve that protects against dirt and moisture, our insulation resistance testers are also perfect for outdoor use.

They contain:

  • Low-power CMOS dual-integration A/D conversion IC, auto-zero, auto-polarity display, and over range indication
  • Short circuit output current 1mA
  • A/C voltage test function
  • Magnets for hands-free use

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Insulation Resistance Tester Specs

  • Insulation tester: 500V
  • Testing range voltage: 500V/1000V/2500V/5000V
  • Output voltage: 90 – 110% Testing Rating Voltage
  • Scale: 1mΩ~200GΩ | MΩ~20GΩ | MΩ~20GΩ
  • Accuracy:
    • 1mΩ~200GΩ ±(3.0% +5)
    • 200mΩ~10GΩ ±(5.0% +5)
    • 10mΩ~200GΩ ±(10.0% +5)
  • Resolution: 20mΩ: 10KΩ: 200mΩ: 100KΩ, 200mΩ: 1mΩ: 20GΩ: 10mΩ: 200GΩ: 100mΩ
  • Scale of AC voltage: 1~750V
  • Accuracy: ±(2.0% +5)
  • Resolution: 1V
  • Frequency response: 40~400 Hz

View more info on SNC’s insulation resistance tester (PDF) and warranty.

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