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Reduce Noise and Interference with Noise Chokes

SNC’s noise chokes are designed to reduce noise induced from A/C power lines or other sources of interference. They also prevent equipment damage or malfunction due to induced A/C currents and help improve circuit imbalance and protect sensitive equipment.

Specifically designed to minimize noise and interference currents induced on copper communications cables, SNC’s noise chokes have a minimal effect on transmission, even though inserted in the telephone pair.

These common mode transformer noise chokes effectively reduce longitudinal impulse noise and radio frequency interference (RFI) on telecommunication facilities.

Noise choke applications

Typical applications for noise chokes include:

  • Subscriber loops
  • Data lines
  • Data station lines
  • Off-premise extensions
  • Circuits with dial long line or equivalent
  • Bit errors
  • 911 circuitry
  • DX signaling

Noise choke benefits and design features

Carefully designed to reliably suppress signaling problems and equipment malfunctions that stem from communication system noise, SNC’s noise chokes provide:

  • High impedance to longitudinal A/C currents
  • Reduced induced voice frequency noise
  • Reduced longitudinal impulse noise
  • Minimal insertion loss at voice frequencies
  • No adverse effect on signaling or supervisory signals (in most applications)
  • Suitability for central office use
  • Suitability for customer premises (the further from the central office, the less chance it
    will be effective)
  • Crosstalk prevention with copper flux band
  • Several different mounting configurations

Questions on SNC’s noise chokes?

For more information on our reliable noise chokes, visit the 70-volt noise choke data sheet (PDF). Or contact us today with questions.