SNIX Single Noise Interference Xterminator | Standard Indoor with RJ45 Jack Style | P31393


Standard Indoor with RJ45 Jack



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A broadly tuned, single pair coil and drainage unit, SNC’s Single Noise Interference Xterminator (SNIX), is a specially designed UL-listed filter for single-circuit applications to help suppress common telco noise interference issues and other problems.

Common telephone line problems

A few typical telephone line problems that a SNIX helps eliminate include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive “power influence” levels (induced harmonic voltages or currents)
  • Longitudinally induced A/C surge currents or voltages resulting from power line faults or surges
  • RFI signals induced into serving facilities and entering user’s equipment

Noise Interference Symptoms

A few symptoms of common telco noise interference:

  • Noisy off-premise extensions
  • False gas pressure alarms
  • False rings at user’s equipment
  • Impulse noise
  • “Hot” or “shocking to the touch” line facilities

For more information on SNC’s SNIX and how to use it to more efficiently solve telephone line problems, view our (PDF).

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