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The Benefits of Precise and Reliable Utility Products

When you work in the field of power utility, you need reliable tools that can help you measure, diagnose and correct issues related to power supply. A range of electrical utility products are available that can help you meet your key objective of providing high-quality, reliable electric power to your customers, even during outages.

In this blog, we’ll focus on five important utility products: RESTORE-LITE®, ground resistance testers (GRTs), insulation resistance testers (IRTs), phase rotation testers and grounds testers.

Quick power restoration with RESTORE-LITE®

Restoring power quickly is essential to ensure homes and businesses don’t go without necessities, such as heat and light, for extended periods. After severe weather or another issue that causes power loss, timing is critical to restore power.

SNC’s RESTORE-LITE® allows a cable technician or linesperson to temporarily restore power and schedule time-consuming permanent repairs at a more convenient time. This product helps technicians restore meterable power to a single home or business within minutes.

Accurate measurements with GRTs and IRTs

Precise measurements and data are crucial components of a technician’s daily job. Ground resistance testers (GRTs) are ideal for working on pole and pad mounted transformers, utility poles, telephone pedestals or any application containing a buried ground ring.

GRTs measure and test electrical grounding systems to optimize electrical continuity between conducting objects and the earth. SNC’s clamp-on ground resistance tester provides non-contact, auto-ranging ground resistance measurements to ensure the quality of multiple grounds placed parallel to each other.

Get answers with insulation resistance testers

Technicians can quickly troubleshoot and maintain the reliability of electrical systems and equipment with an insulation resistance tester (IRT). By measuring insulation resistance, a technician can determine if the insulation is sound, if there are any defects, or if the insulation has degraded over time. 

SNC’s insulation resistance tester can measure voltage up to 750 VAC and features multiple indicators, a short circuit output, A/C and D/C voltage test functions and more. It’s also especially convenient with magnets for hands-free use.

Phase rotation tester measures through sheaths

Proper phasing is important in industrial applications and three-phase power sources, such as generators, motors and compressors. A phase rotation tester accomplishes multiple functions, including detecting live wires, detecting a D/C line break, providing simple power, and giving breakpoint location. SNC’s phase rotation tester is lightweight, portable and can read through sheaths – so you don’t have to get to bare wire to test.

SNC’s personal grounds tester is durable and lightweight

Like its name implies, a personal grounds tester is designed for one person to be able to test the quality of ground wires. SNC’s unit is easy to set up and use. Within minutes, you can test different gauges and lengths of cables at various points, to quickly locate defects. Our personal grounds tester weighs less than 50 pounds, including its sturdy and durable case. You can also calibrate it yourself, so you never have to send it in and have downtime.

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The right utility products are crucial to prevent disruptions to daily life and business operations. SNC’s products provide temporary power restoration, accurate measurements, reliable data and more.

To find out more about SNC utility products and which are best for your application requirements, contact us today.