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SNC to Showcase Portable Utility Products at Gresco Expo

Come see and learn more about SNC Manufacturing’s portable utility products and complete line-up at the Gresco Expo at their Forsyth, Georgia, location on March 22. SNC recently launched the lightest weight Personal Grounds Tester in the market. Reps Ben Bloom, Director of Business Development, and Lisa Hanson, Product Manager, will also be available to share how our complete product line of Utility Pro Products makes it easy to restore power quickly.

SNC’s Utility Products Make Your Job Easier

SNC offers several Utility Pro Products with unique features to improve services and increase customer satisfaction, including:

  • Our grounds tester weighs less than 50 pounds, comes in a sturdy case and can be calibrated onsite by a technician to avoid downtime.
  • SNC’s RESTORE-LITE® is a small lightweight unit that restores meterable power to a single home or business within minutes.
  • Our QUIET-TEL® solution allows you to troubleshoot customer complaints about noise or electrical interferences on copper data transmission wires.

We also offer the following quality, reliable products designed with you in mind:

To learn more or schedule a meet-and-greet during the expo, please contact us or call 800-558-3325.