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SNC to Unveil New Utility Pro Product at IEEE PES T&D 2024 

SNC Manufacturing’s RESTORE-LITE® is already the lightest temporary power restoration unit on the market. However, our newest Utility Pro Product launching in May will weigh less than 50 pounds, making it even easier for a single person to deploy and fit into the back of a truck. 

You can see it yourself at our booth #7073 at the upcoming Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power & Energy Society Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition (IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition). The event runs May 6-9, 2024, at the Anaheim Convention Center. 

Like our original RESTORE-LITE® the new unit increases customer satisfaction and public safety as you can restore power without running temporary cables and schedule a permanent repair at a later time. SNC reps Ben Bloom, Joe Ashley and Lisa Hanson can show you the additional versatility of the new smaller unit and just how easy it is to deploy.

See SNC’s Complete Line of Utility Pro Products  

In addition to multiple amp versions of our lightweight power restoration unit, SNC offers several quality Utility Pro Products to make your job easier.

  • The Personal Grounds Tester, launched late 2023, also weighs less than 50 pounds and can easily be calibrated onsite to avoid downtime.
  • Like the grounds tester, our Clamp-On Ground Resistance Tester comes in a heavy-duty case to keep the unit clean and running longer.  
  • Our Phase Rotation Tester can read through sheaths, so you don’t have to get to bare wire to test three-phase power sources, such as generators, motors and compressors.  
  • Magnets hold our Insulation Resistance Tester in place for hands-free use to help you quickly troubleshoot and maintain applications.
  • Our QUIET-TEL® solution allows you to troubleshoot noise or electrical interferences on copper data transmission wires.

We look forward to showing you our complete line-up at IEEE PES T&D 2024.