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Seven simple tips to select a transformer manufacturer

Transformer manufacturers help meet the power needs for a wide variety of industries. Finding the right manufacturer can ensure transformers are engineered to specification, delivered on time and manufactured to the highest quality. Here are a few tips to help you evaluate transformer suppliers.

Look for a knowledgeable and experienced team

It’s the people behind the equipment that determine the quality of products. An experienced team with in-depth knowledge of applications, engineering, design and production ensure a quality product. They’ll also offer support and guidance along the way.

Look at the range of products and capabilities

Transformer sizes and capabilities vary depending on the industry and application. A top electrical transformer supplier will offer a diverse range of standard transformers plus custom transformers to meet unique needs.

Options can include single-phase and three-phase, autotransformers, isolation, high-voltage, toroidal, ferroresonant transformers and more.

Evaluate quality

Find out if the transformer supplier produces their transformers in-house or if it’s outsourced. In-house production most often yields a higher-quality product with greater customization options and higher standards in the production process.

A transformer manufacturer that produces a high-quality product will offer a solid warranty. Ask how long a warranty lasts and what’s covered during that time.

Evaluate production volume

It’s important to make sure the power transformer manufacturer has capacity to produce the volume you need. Does your company anticipate substantial growth that would require a higher volume of transformers? Ensure the company will be able to handle your volume both today and into the future.

Check reviews for electrical transformer suppliers

Read what others have to say about their experiences with transformer manufacturers. This can help you spot red flags before potentially experiencing problems yourself. As you read through reviews, consider the following questions:

  • Are products delivered on time?
  • Is the company responsive to follow-up questions and needs?
  • Are there ongoing issues with quality?

Confirm you’ll have the support you need

If you have questions or run into an issue after purchasing your transformers, you need a knowledgeable team you can rely on for quick, resourceful support. Ask what type of technical and engineering support is offered and if it’s in-house or outsourced.

Research the company’s stability

A stable company is one that’s likely been around for a long time so you can count on a reliable partnership. Look at how many years the company has been in business, evaluate if communication is reliable and verify that it has a solid reputation.

Why SNC?

Founded in 1946, SNC Manufacturing is a premier transformer manufacturer of electrical transformers with corporate headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and operations in Mexico and China. SNC serves a broad range of industries including aviation, communications, industrial automation, medical, military, renewable energy and the utility industry.

SNC’s engineers have 50+ years of combined transformer design experience. We stand behind our transformers with a warranty to ensure your transformers will be free from defects in materials or workmanship.

In addition to producing high-volume electrical transformers, SNC also develops prototypes and custom transformers. To learn more about our company and products, contact us today.