Medium Voltage Control Transformer | 2000VA | P21853

Medium voltage control transformers for improved production process



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SNC’s medium voltage control transformers are designed and constructed to address industrial control application demands. Engineered with a medium voltage primary winding and a secondary winding consisting of either a 120VAC, 60 Hz or 110VAC, 50 Hz, these transformers are utilized for applications necessitating that medium voltage be stepped down to a lower voltage.

Medium voltage is typically defined as containing a power supply rating anywhere from 5kV to 35kV, and medium voltage transformers must comply with the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards. SNC’s medium voltage control power transformers provide reliable supply control power performance under rugged conditions, reducing energy waste and downtime.

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Ventilated dry-type transformer

Ventilated dry-type transformers are predominantly set apart by the fact that they utilize air rather than liquid as a coolant. Manufactured with proper ventilation, air flow prevents transformer components from overheating, which protects the transformer core as well as provides operative temperatures.

Product features

  • Standard sizes: 500VA to 5kVA. Custom sizes may be available.
  • 180°C (356°F) insulations system, 115°C (239°F) temperature rise under full load
  • 25kV BIL for primary voltages up to 5kV, 35kV BIL for primary voltages over 5kV to 7.2kV
  • Standard 48″ leads on primary, terminal block connections on secondary
  • 50 Hz and 60 Hz designs available

SNC provides a variety of medium voltage control power transformers. Request a quote today or contact our team for more information on how we can meet your exact specifications.

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