Industrial Control Transformer | 50VA | P22475

Step-up and step-down transformers



Primary Voltage

200/208, 220/230/240, 440/460/480

Secondary Voltage

23 x 110, 24 x 115, 25 x 120

Part Number


SNC’s industrial control transformers meet or exceed the standards including UL, CE, CSA or cUL listed and deliver excellent primary and secondary voltage requirements. Heavy-duty construction and optimal electrical characteristics ensure reliable operation of electromagnetic devices and hassle-free performance. Our industrial control transformers change supply voltages for the contactors, solenoids, relays and timers.

Pending the need to increase or decrease input voltages, SNC’s step-up and step-down transformers are dual frequency rated for 50/60 Hz and manufactured in a variety of configurations that range from 115 to 600 primary volts and from 23 to 240 secondary volts.

A leading transformer manufacturer, SNC specially designs single-phase industrial control transformers to accommodate the momentary current inrush caused when electromagnetic components are energized at start up. Upon start up, most electromagnetic devices require anywhere from 3-10 times their normal operating current for 30-50 milliseconds. Also known as control, they provide the high degree of secondary voltage stability required for that period.

Product features

  • Enclosed coils completely encase the industrial control transformer coils against moisture, dirt, dust and industrial contaminants for maximum protection in industrial environments.
  • Finger-safe terminals integrally built in. Up to 30% greater terminal contact area permits low-loss connections. Extra deep barriers reduce the chance of shorts from frayed leads or careless wiring.
  • Terminals are molded into the industrial control transformers for a robust, compact design. A full quarter inch of thread on the 8-32 terminal screws prevents stripping and pullout.
  • Mounting plate is heavy gauge steel to add strength to core construction and provide stability. Slotted mounting feet permit easy and flexible installation.
  • Attractive black matte finish, easy-to-read label with complete wiring diagram.
  • Two parallel jumper links come standard with all transformers, which can be wired for dual primary voltages.


  • Constructed with high quality silicon steel laminates to minimize core losses and increase performance and efficiency.
  • Copper magnet wire of the highest quality assures efficient operation.
  • Primary and secondary fusing options available in kits or factory installed.
  • UL, CE, CSA or cUL listed
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