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Industrial control transformer: Definition and applications

In short, industrial control transformers are: 

  • Control transformers that change supply voltages for electromagnetic devices 
  • Manufactured with an iron core and copper or aluminum coils 
  • Utilized for applications requiring an electric motor  

What is an industrial control transformer?

Also called a control transformer, an industrial control transformer changes supply voltages for the operating of multiple different electromagnetic devices. This includes, but is not limited to, relays, contactors, timers and solenoids.

When an electromagnetic device is activated, it typically requires 3-10 times it’s normal operating current for 30-50 milliseconds. This large rush of current is known as the “inrush.” The purpose of the industrial control transformer is to provide the high secondary voltage stability required during inrush.

How does a control transformer work?

The goal of an industrial control transformer is to increase (step-up) or decrease (step-down) alternating current (AC), depending on the application’s requirements.

Control transformers are typically constructed with an iron core of laminated sheets of silicon steel, along with copper or aluminum coils that wrap around the core.

The copper or aluminum coils transport the AC current from the incoming source to the application, increasing or decreasing the AC current as needed.  

Where are control transformers used? 

Electromagnetic components can be anything with an electric motor, such as electric fans, heavy equipment or manufacturing equipment. 

Industrial control transformers are utilized when an electromagnetic component is energized at start up and there is a large amount of current entering the device. 

Reliable industrial control transformers 

For applications requiring reliable electromagnetic device operation, industrial control transformers provide the voltage changes and stability required during inrush. Find more information about industrial control transformers and SNC’s reliable, rugged control transformers.