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Top industrial transformer features for maximum operator safety

Operator safety and device protection must be a priority for industrial control transformers. Purposeful designs and protective transformer features help ensure a safe operation while also providing easy handling and effective performance.

Terminal safety

Terminals molded into the industrial control transformers with a robust design include helpful safety components. For example, SNC’s finger-safe terminals are integrally built in, and extra deep barriers reduce the chance of shorts from frayed leads or careless wiring. Up to 30% greater terminal contact area permits low-loss connections while a full quarter inch of thread on the 8-32 terminal screws prevents stripping and pullout.

Protection from the elements

Industrial transformers often face harsh outdoor elements and must be designed to withstand them without diminishing performance. Transformer specs such as enclosed coils protect against moisture, dirt, dust and industrial contaminants for maximum protection in industrial environments.

Heavy-duty build for stability

The materials used to construct industrial control transformers play a critical role in durability and protection. For example, SNC’s mounting plate made from heavy gauge or stainless steel adds strength to the core construction and provides stability. Slotted mounting feet permit easy and flexible installation and high-quality silicon steel laminates minimize core losses and increase performance.

Copper magnet wire of the highest quality assures efficient operation. An easy-to-read label with a complete wiring diagram eliminates potential confusion, therefore enhancing safety.

UL, CE, CSA and cUL certifications

A certified power transformer has been tested and manufactured according to nationally or internationally recognized safety standards and ensures that it’s reasonably free from the risk of fire, electrical shock or other hazards.

UL certification: Underwriters Laboratories

This certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an audited designator and verifies that the products meet safety and performance requirements and regulatory codes.  

CE: European Commission

This certifies that the products have met EU health, safety and environmental requirements to ensure workplace safety.

CSA: Canada Standards Association Group

This Canada-based certification has international recognition and indicates that the product has been tested, inspected and in compliance with requirements.

cUL: Underwriters Laboratories of Canada

The product certification program is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and certifies that a product fulfills the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065.

The best safety and performance transformer features

Certifications, quality materials and transformer features built around safety ensure the best industrial controller for your workplace, applications and operation. Have questions about transformer specs? Contact us today.