Improving Operations, Customer Satisfaction Key Utility Objectives
SNC RESTORE-LITE temporary power restoration and CBT Stray Voltage control provide utilities with the tools needed to favorably impact both operations and customer satisfaction.

To Safely, Effectively Mitigate Stray Voltage, Power Companies Can Rely On The SNC CBT
SNC Current Balancing Transformer provides effective voltage and current mitigation while reducing harmonics, spikes and EMF fields

SNC CBT... “Taming Stray Voltage”

Stray Voltage

  • P31111-15kV-CBT                                                                   P31121-25kV-CBT (shown)
    P31111-15kV-CBT P31121-25kV-CBT (shown)

SNC Current Balancing Transformer For Stray Voltage Mitigation Increases Neutral Return Current on 15kV And 25kV Single Phase Lines

The award winning SNC Current Balancing Transformer (CBT) provides power companies with a safe, effective tool for mitigating stray voltage and currents. The patented unit meets the National Electric Safety Code (NESC Rule 97B) and features a completely passive design with no electronic components to fail.

In operation, the CBT equalizes phase and neutral currents, allowing only those currents flowing to the farm or customer location on the primary to return on the primary neutral. Current from any other source is rejected. If current does not enter through the CBT primary winding, it can not return through the neutral winding. “Off Location” current is prevented from using the farm’s/location’s grounding system to flow to or from the utility’s neutral.

An added benefit is harmonic or transient common mode (longitudinal) voltage spike attenuation (primary line and neutral line to remote earth), thus reducing coupling into the location’s secondary system through the (step down) distribution transformer. In essence, the CBT functions as a common mode choke filter to swamp out harmonics and spikes.

Transverse or normal mode (phase to neutral) harmonic currents are pulled back and not allowed to flow in the farm/location grounding system as a result of the balancing action of the CBT, which also effectively reduces EMF fields.

The CBT magnetically couples the primary phase conductor and neutral conductor, forcing the return current to travel through the neutral rather than through other paths. The magnetic field created by the return current in the neutral cancels the field created by the current from the phase conductor, thereby eliminating magnetic fields in the core. In short, the CBT isolates the power system from the environment while allowing the power system to remain properly grounded.

This single phase transformer must be installed by a power utility on a pole for a primary distribution feeder single phase load tap to limit stray currents at the step down transformer neutral grounding point.


  • Voltage reduction of seven to one or higher is common, often to less than one-tenth of a volt!
  • Primary and secondary neutrals and bonding remain safely connected in accordance with National Electrical Safety Code (NESC Rule 97B).
  • Completely passive device - no electronic components to fail.
  • Sold only to electric power utilities.
  • Ask about our satisfaction/money back guarantee.

15kV Technical Data:

  • Single Phase, 15 kV Two-Wire Service
  • Rated to 7 Ampere, 60Hz, 55°C Rise
  • Series Impedance: 0.044 Ohms at 75°C Under Balanced Loading
  • Certified to withstand 1,000 Amperes rms of fault current for 2.5 cycles, 60 Hz (40ms) to exceed clearing time of a 15 Amp T- link fuse. It also carries a 95kV impulse rating.
  • Automatic Line Powered Neutral Line Shorting Switch Available
  • Weight: 180 lbs. (82 kg)
  • Testing per ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90 (Impulse - clause 10.3; Voltage - clause 10.6; Short Circuit - clause 12)

    25kV Technical Data:

  • Single Phase, 25 kV Two-Wire Service
  • Rated to 7 Ampere, 14.4 kV, 60Hz, 25kV Class, 1:1 Turns Ratio
  • Series Impedance: .0194 Ohms at 75°C Under Balanced Loading
  • Certified to withstand 5000rms, 1 Cycle Duration
    Dielectric Withstand:Primary Winding 150 kV BIL and 50 kVrms, 1 minute
     Secondary Winding 30K BIK and 100 kVrms, 1 minute
    Short Circuit Withstand:5000A rms, 1 Cycle Duration
  • Weight: 370 lbs. (168 kg)
  • Testing per ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90 (Impulse - clause 10.3; Voltage - clause 10.6; Short Circuit – clause 12)