Improving Operations, Customer Satisfaction Key Utility Objectives
SNC RESTORE-LITE temporary power restoration and CBT Stray Voltage control provide utilities with the tools needed to favorably impact both operations and customer satisfaction.

SNC Mfg. Introduces New RESTORE-LITE™ Temporary Power Restoration System

The new RESTORE-LITE™ Temporary Power Restoration System from SNC Manufacturing Co. is designed to allow utilities to quickly restore temporary power caused by an outage due to a single faulted conductor or open neutral.

The compact, lightweight unit makes it possible for a single troubleman or cable tech to restore power within minutes without running temporary above ground cabling or requiring a field crew to locate and repair the cable fault. By having the capability to restore temporary power quickly and safely, utilities can schedule permanent repairs of non-critical outages at a time that is more convenient to customers and less disruptive to field crew work schedules.

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