Improving Operations, Customer Satisfaction Key Utility Objectives
SNC RESTORE-LITE temporary power restoration and CBT Stray Voltage control provide utilities with the tools needed to favorably impact both operations and customer satisfaction.

SNC Current Balancing Transformer For Stray Voltage Increases Neutral Return Current

Designed to increase neutral return current on 15 KV and 25 KV single-phase lines, SNC’s patented Current Balancing Transformer is a completely passive device that provides power companies with a safe, effective tool for mitigating stray voltage and currents.

In operation, the CBT equalizes phase and neutral currents, allowing only those currents flowing to the farm or customer location on the primary to return on the primary neutral. Current from any other source is rejected. Neutrals remain safely connected in accordance with NESC Rule 97B.

By offering the added benefit of harmonic or transient common mode voltage spike attenuation, the unit basically functions as a common mode choke filter to swamp out harmonics and spikes. In addition, transverse or normal mode (phase to neutral) harmonic currents are pulled back and not allowed to flow in the farm/location grounding system as a result of the balancing action of the CBT, which also effectively reduces EMF fields.

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