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SNC Medium Voltage Control Transformers Described in New Brochure

Designed for the demands of industrial control applications, Medium Voltage Control Transformers from SNC Manufacturing Co. offer a variety of additional features that are detailed in a new brochure.

Engineered with a medium voltage primary over 600 volts-50/60 Hz and any combination of secondary voltages over 110 volts, SNC Medium Voltage Control Transformers are available from 500 VA through 5 KVA and offer six voltage combinations to meet a variety of application needs.

In addition to a 180° C insulation system with a 115°C temperature rise under full load, the units also offer standard 48” leads on the primary and terminal block connections on the secondary.

For additional information on SNC’s Medium Voltage Control Transformers, contact SNC Manufacturing Co. at or call 800-558-3325.