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TEN - Transformer Exciting Network

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The SNC TEN - When There's No Pair to Spare

Part No. Description
P15688 TEN
P15176 Super TEN
P15174 Protected Super TEN
P15168 HDR Harmonic Drainage Reactor
P15173 Protected HDR

When an Induction Neutralizing Transformer (INT) or Glitch Tamer is installed, one of the pairs going through the transformer is normally grounded at the central office and at the station to provide a primary winding or "exciting" pair. The Transformer Exciting Network (TEN) or Super TEN allows the use of a working pair to "turn on" or provide the necessary exciting current path to Super TEN, HDR or Igniter can be placed wherever an exciting pair ground is specified. The result? A spare pair is no longer required to be grounded at both ends of a neutralized cable route.

The TEN is a drainage reactor, specially designed for either 50 or 60 Hz. It is easily bridged across one working circuit, thus providing a low impedance path-to-ground for longitudinal power line-induced interfering current to flow. The Super TEN (also known as a Super Drain) is an enhanced version of the TEN, but includes a Harmonic Drainage Reactor (HDR). The HDR portion is designed to be effective in the voice frequency spectrum. The result is that the Super TEN’s performance is best where both noise and fundamental frequency harmonic influences are a problem.

Administration of the “exciting circuit” for an INT is simplified with a TEN or Super TEN because they decrease the chance of an INT becoming ineffective if someone accidentally uses the INT’s normally grounded exciting pair for another purpose. For single circuit applications, the TEN, Super TEN, HDR, or Igniter can be used in conjunction with an SNC Noise Choke.

If the TEN or Super TEN is used alone on a circuit with more than 50 volts-to-ground, it could saturate and generate noise and/or excessive over-voltage due to resonant conditions. This is not a potential problem when an INT is used in the circuit.

The HDR is also available as a separate item. See the HDR section for more information.