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TLC - Telecom Line Conditioner

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    Telecom Line Conditioner

Telecom Line Conditioner

The Telecom Line Conditioner (TLC) contains a Super TEN (Transformer Exciting Network) and an Induction Neutralizing Transformer (INT) in one convenient package. The TLC can immediately suppress up to 95 percent of the steady-state or transient 50/60 Hz power line induced AC voltages and currents that occur below the threshold of the telephone company provided "primary" protector. These excessive voltages can cause a number of equipment problems.


  • False rings or signaling malfunctions
  • Unexplained electronic equipment failure or damage
  • Unsafe AC voltages on the line terminals
  • Excessive "secondary" protector operations which randomly shut the system down and cut-off conversations
  • Occasionally can't call out or receive calls


  • PBX Trunks/OPXs/Key System Lines
  • Data Modems/Alarm Circuits
  • Telemetering Circuits/Video Pairs

The TLC may be the solution to these problems, and will correct them without disrupting the circuit's operation. With a TLC, there is no protector to clamp to ground that will shut the circuit down!

The TLC is capable of suppressing up to 30 dBrnc power influence levels (induced harmonic voltages and currents) which can yield similar circuit noise reductions. Impulse noise on data circuits that cause errors can also be substantially reduced with a TLC. They are very simple devices, with no power or maintenance requirement, are extremely reliable, provide DC continuity, and are easy to install. More than 500,000 telephone, railroad and power company communication and signaling circuits around the world have used this technology to keep their lines operating efficiently.

Part No. Description Size
P15634 6 Pair

13 x 12 x 7.5
(33 x 31 x 19 cm)

P15648 25 Pair

18 x 12 x 7.5
(46 x 31 x 19 cm)

TLCs are available for treating 6, and 25 pairs and are terminated with standard jacketed telephone cable. The first pair is wired to the Super TEN, which is a specially designed drainage reactor tuned to 50/60 Hz and the harmonics of 50/60 Hz.

The TLC is UL listed (UL file E100902).