SNC QUIET-TEL® Noise Mitigation Equipment… Quietly Leading The Industry With Proven Electrical Interference Solutions.

Reduce Phone Equipment Or Electrical Interference Problems. Rely On Noise Mitigation Equipment From SNC.

QUIET-TEL® by SNC Noise Mitigation Equipment

  • QUIET-TEL® by SNC Noise Mitigation Equipment

* Equipment Malfunctions

* Harmonics

* Equipment Protection

* Rural Home

* Noisy Phone Lines

* Modem Interruptions

SNC has been making products for the information & communications technology industry for over 40 years, so you can be confident in our quality.  Download Free Noise Mitigation Catalog T0359.

If you have any questions  on our products or usage, please contact us at 1-800-558-3325 or

For smaller quantities, call our National Distributors: Power & Telephone Supply Co., 1-800-238-7514.