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P31042 HDSL56kbs Data Isolation Interface

  • P31042 - HDSL/56kbs Data Isolation Interface
    P31042 - HDSL/56kbs Data Isolation Interface

The primary function of the P31042 is to provide isolation from voltages while being "transparent" in the circuit. All signaling information will be unaffected.  However, DC signaling is not supported. A secondary function is to provide for the loopback of DC simplexed sealing current/repeater powering current on the remote (Central Office) side of the transformer. No powering is required for this device.

There are no 1 amp "sparkover identification" fuses or other extraneous step potential difference between the station and remote sides of these isolation transformers that would cause the circuit to shut down and compromise "Class A" or "Class B" service. The purpose of the transformer is to protect the customer's station equipment. It is sufficiently robust to do the job without gimmicks to "protect the protector."

P31042 56kbs/HDSL Data Isolation Interface

This standalone transformer provides an isolated interface for 2-wire data circuits. It is a passive, magnetic-coupled device. Primary to secondary isolation is rated at 65kV BIL. Types of data circuits protected include Synchronet services and digital data services operating at 72k bits per second (bps) and sub-rates (including 72, 64, 56, 25.6, 19.2, 12.8, 9.6, 6.4, 4.8, 3.2 and 2.4 kbps), basic rate ISDN, HDSL, analog signals for data modems, SCADA, tone relay control, analog carrier, and tone signaling up to 100 kHz.

4-Wire Configuration

Two P31042 transformers may be used together to provide a 4-wire configuration. In a 4-wire configuration, the center tap of the transmit and receive transformers can be connected to one another to provide sealing current or span line powering current loopback or drainage at the remote side of the interface. The centertaps on the station side of the transformers (in a 4-wire configuration) may also be connected to station ground for drainage purposes.

See the performance specifications of P31042 56kbs/HDSL Data Isolation Interface.

For more detailed information on Lyte Lynx® 56kbs/HDSL Data Isolation Interfaces, refer to installation instructions T0361.

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