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P30120 Single Line POTS With CID

  • P30120 - Lyte Lynx® Single Line (POTS) With CID
    P30120 - Lyte Lynx® Single Line (POTS) With CID

The P30120 POTS isolation card is designed for use in an SNC Lyte Lynx® 3, 6 or 12- slot Card Shelf or in a Teleline Isolator* Card Shelf.

These POTS isolation cards are designed for regular POTS, POTS with caller ID, Call Waiting on Caller ID and Message Waiting Indicator, Analog or Digital Centrex, fax lines, 2-wire loop start trunks, dial-up modem lines or remote meter reading. The primary function of the cards is to provide isolation from voltages while being “transparent” in the circuit. All signaling information within the specified frequency bandwidth will be unaffected.

For more detailed information on Lyte Lynx® Single Line POTS with CID Isolation Cards, refer to installation instructions T0400.

To access the DATA RATE chart of SNC Telecom Parts, refer to Data Rate Chart for Lyte Lynx® Cards.

*Teleline Isolator is a trademark of Position Industries, Inc.