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P30104 Single Line ADSL2 Isolation Card

  • P30104 - Lyte Lynx® Single Line ADSL2 Isolation Card
    P30104 - Lyte Lynx® Single Line ADSL2 Isolation Card

The P30104 printed circuit boards are designed for installation in a SNC Lyte Lynx® Card Shelf or Teleline Isolator* Card Shelf.

The ADSL isolation cards provide an isolated interface for POTS circuits, 2-wire loop start trunks, fax lines, dial-up modem lines, or remote meter reading, 2 wire data DS1 (T1), ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2 Plus lines.

The primary function of the cards is to provide isolation from voltages while being “transparent” in the circuit. All signaling information within the specified frequency bandwidth will be unaffected. The secondary purpose of the card is to split the data (High frequency) and POTS (Voice band frequency) signals.

The electronics on the remote (telco) side of the ADSL isolation card are powered by battery feed from the central office (loop current). The station side electronics can be powered with a wide range of input voltages.  The correct model should be determined based on the available power source.

The P30104 ADSL card can be powered either by a grounded 24VDC or floated 48VDC voltage source. For power backup purposes, both grounded 24VDC and floated 48VDC may be used at the same time. An appropriate setting is required for each power source used.

For more detailed information on Lyte Lynx® 2-wire ADSL Isolation Cards, refer to installation instruction T0402.

To access the DATA RATE chart of SNC Telecom Parts, refer to Data Rate Chart for Lyte Lynx® Cards.