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P30135 Total Reach ISDN/DDS Isolation Card With 190V Span Powering

  • P30135 Total Reach ISDN/DDS Isolation Card  With 190V Span Powering

Designed for use in an SNC Lyte Lynx® 3-slot, 6-slot or 12-slot Card Shelf, the P30135 Isolation Card is used to link Basic Rate ISDN, Total Reach ISDN, DDS (56 kbps), Total Reach DDS, HDSL2 and any other 2-wire data communication where span powering of 190VDC is required.  The P30135 Isolation Card’s high voltage isolation is the result of a high dielectric molding material which provides the separation between the Station side and the CO/Remote side circuitry.  Because the isolation depends only on this physical separation, protection remains intact even if system components fail.

The primary function of the card is to provide isolation from voltages while being “transparent” in the circuit.  All signaling information within the specified frequency bandwith will be unaffected.

See the 56kbs/HDSL Transformer Insertion Loss Graph and Performance Specifications Table.

For more detailed information on Lyte Lynx® Total Reach ISDN/DSS Isolation Cards, refer to installation instructions T0492 Rev. A

To access the DATA RATE chart of SNC Telecom Parts, refer to Data Rate Chart for Lyte Lynx® Cards.