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P30085 ISDN with 56k – 48 VAC

  • P30085 - Lyte Lynx® ISDN with 56k – 48 VAC
    P30085 - Lyte Lynx® ISDN with 56k – 48 VAC

SNC has the ISDN card to fit all of your needs. The P30085 plug-in card has the bandwidth to handle the whole ISDN range to meet and exceed your data and voice needs.

SNC can accommodate grounded 24Vdc, 48Vdc or 130V dc input and fits into all models of the SNC card cages from the 3 slots to the 12 slots. The card dimensions are the same as the rest of the Lyte Lynx® line, small yet powerful and reliable.

As equipment areas get tighter, card size and quality is imperative. The Lyte Lynx® ISDN plug-in card provides high voltage isolation between the ISDN line and the client location Network Termination equipment. The card size allows for more cards in a smaller footprint at your location with applications for both basic rate ISDN and ISDN with ADTRAN Total Reach® capabilities.

The ISDN card also comes with the legendary Lyte Lynx® 5 year warranty.

For more detailed information on Lyte Lynx® ISDN with 56k-48 VAC cards, refer to installation instructions T0575.

To access the DATA RATE chart of SNC Telecom Parts, refer to Data Rate Chart for Lyte Lynx® Cards.