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P30087 4-Wire, Voice (POTS) Fiber Optic Card

  • P30087 - Lyte Lynx® 4-Wire, Voice (POTS) Fiber Optic Card
    P30087 - Lyte Lynx® 4-Wire, Voice (POTS) Fiber Optic Card

The P30087 fiber optic Voice Isolation Cards are designed for use in an SNC Lyte Lynx® 3 or 12-slot Card Shelf or a Teleline Isolator* Card Shelf.

They are intended for use with POTS circuits, 2-wire loop start trunks, fax lines, dial-up modems or remote meter reading. The primary function of the cards is to provide an isolation from voltages while being "transparent" in the circuit. All signaling information within the specified frequency bandwidth will be unaffected.

Lyte Lynx® systems are intended for use at power substations and similar locations where high voltage isolation is required on the upcoming copper phone pairs to protect the network from harm and to provide a personnel safety barrier against voltages. This specifically includes protection from longitudinal voltage surges and Ground Potention Rise (GPR) surges that may occur during power system faults.

This two-line voice Card is similar to the P30049 single line card. The primary difference is two-line protection with one card and the ability to accept either 24 or 48VDC (switch selectable) for powering the station side electronics.

For more detailed information on Lyte Lynx® 4-Wire, Voice (POTS) Fiber Optic Cards, refer to installation instructions T0339 Rev. C.

*Teleline Isolator is a trademark of Position Industries, Inc.