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P30051 4-Wire T-Carrier Data Isolation Card

  • P30051 4-Wire T-Carrier Data Isolation Card

The P30051 printed circuit board is designed for installation in an SNC Lyte Lynx® Card Shelf or Teleline Isolator* Card Shelf. No powering is required for this passive device.

This Data Isolation Interface model provides an isolated interface for 4-wire (P30051) DS1 (such as T1) data circuits, including SuperFrame, Extended SuperFrame, and single or multi-channel DS0 transmission, as well as any other digital channel with a primary signaling frequency in the 10kHz – 2MHz range. Frequency response is 2kHz – 6MHz.

The primary function of this card is to provide an isolation from hazardous voltages while being “transparent” in the circuit. All data signaling information within the specified frequency bandwidth will be unaffected. However, DC signaling is not supported. A secondary function is to provide for the loopback of DC simplexed sealing current/repeater powering current on the remote (Central Office) side of the units, since there is no DC path for such current through the unit.

This data isolation interface model is a passive, magnetic-coupled device. Primary to secondary isolation is rated at 65kV BIL.

See the SNC T-Carrier Transformer Insertion Loss Graph and Performance Specifications Table.

For more detailed information on Lyte Lynx® 4-Wire T-Carrier Data Isolation Cards, refer to installation instructions T0332.

To access the DATA RATE chart of SNC Telecom Parts, refer to Data Rate Chart for Lyte Lynx® Cards.

*Teleline Isolator is a trademark of Position Industries, Inc.