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P30049 2-Wire, Voice (POTS) Fiber Optic Card

  • P30049 - Lyte Lynx® 2-Wire, Voice (POTS) Fiber Optic Card
    P30049 - Lyte Lynx® 2-Wire, Voice (POTS) Fiber Optic Card

The P30049 printed circuit board is designed for installation in an SNC Lyte Lynx® Card Shelf or Teleline Isolator* Card Shelf. This Voice Isolation Card is designed for POTS circuits, 2-wire loop start trunks, fax lines, dial-up modem lines, or remote meter reading. The primary function of the card is to provide an isolation from voltages while being “transparent” in the circuit. All signaling information within the specified 300–4000 Hz frequency bandwidth will be unaffected.

The card’s high voltage isolation is the result of a 5.25 inch fiber optic separation between the station side and the CO/Remote side circuitry. Because the isolation depends only on this physical separation, protection remains intact even if components of the system fail. The Card is capable of ringing five 500 type phones. Ring signals ranging from 40 to 150 volts and 15 to 68 Hz are detected on the remote interface.

The electronics on the remote (telco) side of the Card are powered by battery feed from the central office loop current. The station side electronics on this card require 24 or 48 VDC. This can be provided by an internal or external power supply.

For more detailed information on Lyte Lynx® 2-Wire Voice (POTS) Fiber Optic Isolation Cards, refer to installation instructions T0339 Rev. C.

*Teleline Isolator is a trademark of Position Industries, Inc.