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P30112 6-Slot Card Shelf

  • P30112 – 6-Slot Card Shelf Drawing
    P30112 – 6-Slot Card Shelf Drawing

The Lyte Lynx® P30112 6-Slot Card Shelf holds sufficient circuit cards to utilize a 12 pair cable and takes up only 18 inches of horizontal wall space, providing nearly twice the density of competing modular systems.

The efficiency of this design starts with card slots spaced at 1.5" intervals, which is all the room the SNC Lyte Lynx® cards need. The result is 12 pair service in 6 slots. Convenient terminations for entrance cables make installation a breeze, and the shoebox-like cover is a snug fit that is easily removed.

The station side of this card shelf may be powered by 24VDC, 48VDC, 130VDC or 120VAC power. It will accept any two of these power sources at one time (one as primary power and another as secondary active backup power) to provide continuous operation in the event of a power supply card failure or power outage.

For more detailed information on Lyte Lynx® 6-slot shelves, refer to installation instructions T0395.

P30112 - 6-slot shelf Height Width Depth
  13.25" 18” 9.75”
  (33.25 cm) (24.77cm) (25cm)