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Conflict Minerals Statement

  • Conflict Minerals Statement

SNC Manufacturing Co., Inc. is committed to supporting the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Section 1502 for Conflict Minerals.  Our policy has always been to comply with all federal, state and local regulations.

We do not procure tantalum, tin, gold or tungsten but these metals may exist in some of the raw materials and components that are used in the manufacturing of our products.  Since we do not purchase these metals directly from the mines or smelters, we request that our suppliers use due diligence to investigate and identify the origin of the conflict minerals with disclosure of the information to SNC using the most recent revision of the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template.

It is our expectation that SNC suppliers only purchase minerals from non-conflict sources that do not support illegal or unethical actions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) region.  SNC is dedicated to the social responsibility of working with our suppliers to comply with Conflict Mineral Regulations through traceability that the supplied materials are “conflict-free.”